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Swift caravan recovered thanks to TRACKER partnership

Date: 11 February 2014

TRACKER, the stolen vehicle recovery (SVR) expert, continues to protect caravan owners, thanks to its partnership with Swift Group, Europe’s leading caravan manufacturer. When Mr Gaston’s Swift caravan was stolen, he quickly recognised the benefit of having TRACKER’s award-winning technology fitted as standard. Police recovered the missing caravan within hours, once the unit was activated, despite an initial delay, due to the TRACKER free trial period not being claimed. TRACKER urges Swift customers to claim their three month’s free subscription to TRACKER protection by making sure their dealer activates the account.
Mr Gaston’s Swift Challenger was just seven months old when it was stolen from its storage site. Luckily, all Swift caravans are fitted with TRACKER protection and three months’ free subscription. Once activated the unit could lead police to the stolen vehicle. However, Mr Gaston discovered that due to an oversight with registering for the free 3 months, his unit could not be activated straightaway. This led to a delay, which could have been critical.
The theft was reported to the police, who took the Caravan Registration Identification Scheme (CRiS) number. Mr Gaston contacted CRiS to report the stolen caravan and they gave him the contact details for TRACKER. Once the TRACKER device was activated, police located and recovered the caravan within a few hours.
Mr Gaston comments, “Despite the delay, due to my account not being activated, once I got through to TRACKER they jumped into action and the whole thing was resolved that same day. Without that TRACKER unit, I may never have recovered my caravan, which was less than a year old, so this is a fantastic result. Needless to say, I will be extending my TRACKER registration for the next five years. I’ve had first-hand experience at how effective TRACKER is and consider it to be excellent value for money. I’d recommend TRACKER to anyone, but would tell them to make sure the dealership activates their account, if they have a Swift caravan.”
Adrian Davenport, Police Liaison Officer for TRACKER says, “Thanks to our unique partnership with Swift, all new Swift caravans are fitted with Battery Powered TRACKER Retrieve. However, Mr Gaston’s story shows just how important it is to ensure the dealership registers the sale with TRACKER to activate the account and their three months’ free subscription. Swift buyers should call their dealer and check that they’re protected by TRACKER.
“Fortunately, Mr Gaston’s TRACKER unit was activated in time and our relationship with all UK police forces secured the speedy recovery of his caravan. We continue to work with Swift caravans to help their customers protect themselves from caravan theft, offering added peace of mind from the first day of ownership.”
Battery Powered TRACKER Retrieve has been developed using TRACKER’s unique award winning technology that does not rely on the caravan’s leisure battery in order to operate.  The unit, which lasts for five years, has a self-contained and hidden power source, which means it is even tougher for crooks to uncover. 
As with all TRACKER’s SVR solutions, Battery Powered TRACKER Retrieve uses Very High Frequency (VHF) technology which offers the ultimate level of security, enabling police to locate stolen caravans even when they are concealed in containers, lock-ups or shipped abroad. Customers with TRACKER units fitted can also benefit from generous insurance discounts and many will discount by at least 10%, and some up to 25%.

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