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Stolen JCB recovered in 2 hours

Date: 10 September 2013

When Alastair McGowan, owner of M&M Road Surfacing discovered that one of his JCBs had been taken from the yard overnight, he thought he was going to have to pay for an expensive replacement. Unknown to Alastair, the JCB he’d bought 16 years ago was fitted with a TRACKER unit, complete with a lifetime’s subscription to the service. Thanks to TRACKER, the UK’s leading provider of stolen vehicle recovery (SVR) solutions, Alastair’s JCB was recovered by police within two hours.

Alastair reported the stolen JCB to TRACKER at 9am and the SVR unit was activated. The signal emitted by the TRACKER device lead police to a nearby workshop and by 10am the stolen vehicle had been recovered. 

“I am blown away by the efficiency and reliability of TRACKER’s recovery system,” says Alastair McGowan of M&M Road Surfacing. “Having bought the JCB 16 years ago, I’d forgotten that it even had a TRACKER device. Once I remembered and called the emergency number, the vehicle was found in no time at all. It was such a relief, as replacing a stolen JCB would have cost my business a lot of money. I can’t thank TRACKER enough and would recommend them to anyone. I probably wouldn’t have seen that JCB again, if it hadn’t been for TRACKER, which makes it worth every penny.”
Stephen Doran, Managing Director of TRACKER comments, “We are delighted that Alastair has witnessed the reliability of our tracker units first hand, helping him recover his stolen JCB and close the net on the thieves. For the past 16 years that JCB has been protected by TRACKER and as soon as it was needed, we activated the device, leading police right to the criminals. 
“The cost of the stolen plant must not be underestimated. Not only is it a huge inconvenience, but plant owners face significant financial loss. TRACKER’s SVR solutions and the power of our units continue to help plant owners protect their assets by significantly increasing the chance of police finding stolen machinery. In this case, the vehicle was found nearby, but police suspect the thieves were about to strip it down for parts, and luckily TRACKER led police to the scene of the crime before that could happen.”
In addition, TRACKER now offers a battery powered solution designed specifically for plant and agricultural equipment that doesn’t have its own power source. Thatcham approved, TRACKER’s range of SVR solutions bring plant owners the ultimate protection against the permanent loss of their assets.

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