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Cento Engineering selects TRACKER Fleet Telematics

Date: 11 February 2014

Cento Engineering Company, a specialist supplier of permanent façade access equipment for new builds, refurbishment and ongoing maintenance, has invested in the power of TRACKER’s telematics to help improve fleet efficiency, driver behaviour and enhance customer relations.

 Cento provides façade access equipment for projects across the UK and Ireland, and has been delivering an unparalleled service to the construction industry since 1995. It is critical that Cento is able to understand the location of its fleet at all times and deliveries are made to site within the agreed time period. Through TRACKER, Cento aim to significantly improve its fleet security, productivity and efficiency, helping to reduce fleet mileage, operational costs and fuel consumption and improve customer service.
“Our fleet vehicles bear the Cento brand, so it’s essential that our drivers are ambassadors out on the road,” explains Collette Murphy, Commercial Manager for Cento Engineering Company. “TRACKER’s cutting edge fleet telematics offers us up-to-date and accurate data on driver behaviour. This allows us to highlight areas for improvement and offer our drivers appropriate training and advice, as an essential part of our brand management. In addition, we can quickly identify mobile and stationary vehicles, allowing us to update customers on a delivery, strengthening our service offering.
“We are also benefitting from unrivalled support from the TRACKER team, ensuring we get the best out of the telematics units from day one. Face-to-face training has been invaluable and has already helped us to identify areas where we can enhance the efficiency of our fleet and therefore, the business as a whole. Our partnership with TRACKER puts us firmly in control of our fleet, ensuring Cento maintains its market-leading position across the UK construction industry.”
TRACKER’s cutting edge fleet telematics solutions incorporate unique features, such as patented Transient Voltage Detection technology. This detects electrical noise to more accurately determine when an engine is running and eliminating false ‘idling’ readings, a concern prevalent in many of today’s alternative offerings. The system provides fleet managers with driver performance information, as well as a flexible reporting suite that can be customised to meet the specific needs of each customer. TRACKER even offers battery powered modules to ensure assets, which have no built-in power supply, such as mobile units and trailers, can be monitored.
Stephen Doran, Managing Director of TRACKER, comments, “We are working closely with Cento to deliver a telematics solutions tailored to its specific needs. The team is already reaping the benefits of the enhanced level of data the TRACKER system provides, allowing Cento to manage its fleet more efficiently as it moves across the UK and Ireland. In a competitive marketplace, fleet telematics help businesses like Cento make positive changes to the way they work, to keep them one step ahead.”

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