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Thieves stealing vehicles by 'hacking' in-car technology

Date: 19/09/2013 14:11:35
Category: Car tracking
Author: Joe Elvin

New technology being introduced to cars is making it easier to steal them, according to a new report.

An article published by independent.co.uk suggests that thieves are now looking to hack certain elements of a car's computer system in order to steal it. These thieves don't need keys and rarely set off any alarm systems.

A number of major manufacturers including Audi, Toyota, Ford and Mercedes have all issued statements which aim to convince customers that their systems are completely secure. Yet, with modern cars typically boasting up to 70 computer systems, this problem looks set to only worsen.

The eye-opening article may persuade motorists to invest in tracking systems for their vehicles, so that they can at least have some assistance with finding their car if it is stolen.

It has been suggested that hacking is one of the major issues that those developing self-driving cars have to tackle. Researchers from the University of California have reportedly proven that it is possible to exploit bugs in the cars' computer systems and take control of brakes and engines.

Nevertheless, digitalspy.co.uk reports that self-driving cars could go on sale in the UK by 2016. Tesla, an American manufacturer, believes that its new vehicle which gives 90 per cent control to a computer should be available within the next three years.

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