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Most stolen motorcycles in the UK 2016

Date: 26/05/2017 14:55:44
Category: motorcycle tracking
Author: Thomas Light

Once again we are sharing the findings recorded by our market-leading TRACKER stolen vehicle recovery devices, this time highlighting the UK’s most stolen and recovered motorcycles in 2016.

Thanks to our innovative VHF tracking technology, TRACKER recovered 705 stolen motorcycles worth over £255,200 in total between January and June 2016 alone, with models from Peugeot being the most targeted. London is the top spot for motorbike theft, with a huge 79% of recovered bikes originating from the capital.

Nationwide, motorcycle theft is up over 9% compared to 2015, meaning that a reliable vehicle tracking system is more of an essential for motorbike owners than ever before. With their independent power source, TRACKER’s battery-powered devices are perfect for motorcycles as they do not deplete the vehicle’s own battery.

Is your motorcycle in 2016’s top five stolen and recovered motorbikes? Even if not, with motorbike theft on the rise, now is the time to protect your bike and give it the best chance of finding its way back to you should the worst happen.

* Motorcycle stats come from motorcyclenews.co.uk, topspeed.co.uk and mbike.com.


Our Top Five reveals that high-value motorcycles do not seem to be the most desirable to thieves; in fact, all five most stolen and recovered models are low-cost that can be easily sold on or broken down for parts. While fitting a TRACKER location device won’t stop your motorcycle being stolen, it means that there’s a high chance that your beloved bike will be recovered and returned to you.

What’s more, our high tech tracking technology works despite GPS/GSM signal jammers and the signal can be picked up throughout the UK and much of Europe, including France, Spain, Holland, Luxembourg, Poland and Italy.

Read the full TRACKER Top Ten Most Stolen and Recovered motorcycle report and press release.

TRACKER’s Stolen and Recovered Motorcycles 2016: What are they worth?

As the Top Five results show, thieves seem to prefer low and mid-range value models when targeting motorbikes. Of the 705 motorcycles stolen and recovered, 49% were worth £10,000 or less and 72% were worth £20,000 or less.
Take a look at our pie chart below for a more detailed breakdown of what the motorcycles stolen and recovered in 2016 are worth:


If you are a motorcycle owner, or you’re thinking of buying one, talk to us today. TRACKER motorcycle trackers offers peace of mind and the best protection against the permanent loss of your motorbike.

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