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Issue of fuel efficiency became "mainstream" in 2012

Date: 02/01/2013 17:01:23
Category: Fuel Efficiency
Author: David Howells

The year 2012 is when fuel-efficient technology started to become mainstream, autoweek.com reports.

As rising fuel prices left domestic motorists and fleet managers looking for a way to save the pennies, vehicle manufacturers began taking it upon themselves to start using efficiency as a way of making their products much more competitive in the marketplace.

This, Autoweek's Jayne O'Donell claimed, became significantly more mainstream in 2012, as fuel efficiency stopped becoming solely a concern for gas-guzzling giants but for many smaller vehicles too.

As a result, cars began to change slightly in order to eke the maximum MPG (miles per gallon) rating possible. One of these methods was the relatively large-scale but still effective technique of lowering engine size. By utilising newer technologies, however, a 2.0 litre engine, for example, can be much more powerful than a similarly-sized one built just a few years ago.

Elsewhere, O'Donell noted the use of turbochargers to not just give a vehicle an extra boost but also increase its fuel efficiency, thanks to its superior air intake.

Not all methods are undertaken by the manufacturers, however. Some fleet owners have taken increasing forecourt prices into their own hands and invested in such tools as vehicle tracking systems to give them a clearer and more in-depth idea of their consumption levels.

Commenting on the trend, O'Donell told msn.com: "It won't be as tough to find a fun-to-drive fuel-efficient car as automakers introduce a variety of ways to increase fuel economy,"

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