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How to protect a motorcycle from theft

Date: 17/05/2017 14:01:01
Category: motorcycle tracking
Author: Tom Light

For some, a motorcycle is their pride and joy, a machine they’ve invested in and lovingly maintained and one that offers a sense of freedom and escapism that money can’t buy. For others, it’s their livelihood - a vehicle they rely on to get them from job to job.

However you use your motorcycle and whatever connection you have to it, we’re willing to bet you don’t want it stolen. Motorcycles are infinitely easier to steal than cars, and contrary to what you might assume, it’s not always high-value models that are targeted – many thieves opt for low-value bikes for their parts.

Unfortunately, data from our TRACKER vehicle recovery devices shows that motorcycle theft is on the rise; the latest figures from 2016 reveal an increase in the number of bikes stolen and recovered of nearly 10% on the previous year.
While the bad news is that more motorcycles are being stolen, the good news is that 705 owners who had their bikes stolen in 2016 but had fitted our tracking technology, were reunited with their treasured possessions as a result.

These statistics show that the best way to protect your motorcycle from permanent loss is to equip it with a TRACKER recovery device, but what can you do to protect it from theft in the first place?

If a thief really wants your bike, there’s no guarantees that anything will deter them but these preventative measures can go some way to putting them off. 

Switch it off

Never leave your motorcycle running, even for a few seconds – that’s all it takes for someone to jump on and make off with it.

Make use of the built-in locks

Built-in motorcycle locks are easily broken by seasoned thieves, but they can still buy time in which they might be disturbed. If you have separate locks on your steering and ignition, be sure to use them both.

Keep locks off the ground

Use an additional lock, such as one with a case-hardened solid steel chain that can endure an attack with bolt cutters. Attach the lock away from the ground, so that a thief cannot gain any extra leverage to break the chain or pry open the lock.

Double up on locks

Use more than one type of lock for added security, such as a disc lock on one or both wheels, and a chain lock. Many thieves won’t be prepared to deal with two different types.

Secure it to something immovable

Tether your bike lock to a solid, immovable object if you can, so that it can’t be simply lifted on to another vehicle.

Keep it out of sight

Thieves are much less likely to target something that’s not on display. If you have a garage, keep your bike inside but if not, use a motorcycle cover. Don’t forget to use locks even inside garages or under covers.
When parking, choose locations that are well-populated rather than areas where a theft could be attempted out of sight.

Avoid habitual parking

Many motorcycles are stolen to order so reduce the risk of thieves scoping out your bike by varying the location of where you park.

Fit a TRACKER recovery device

Above all, kitting out your motorcycle with a TRACKER tracking system is the most effective way to prevent losing it to theft for good.

We’ve developed specially-designed tracking devices for motorcycles, powered by batteries so that they don’t act as a drain on the electrical system of the bike itself. Your motorbike can be tracked by our patented VHF technology wherever it’s taken, even if it’s hidden in underground lock ups or containers.

Don’t give up your motorcycle to theft, make sure it comes back to you thanks to a TRACKER vehicle recovery device. Contact us today to find out more.

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