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EU tyre labelling legislation introduced

Date: 14/11/2012 17:14:19
Category: Fuel Efficiency
Author: David Howells

Tyres must now come with a label informing the buyer of its quality and efficiency, tyretrade.ie reports.

In a bid to encourage more road users to buy better quality, energy-efficient tyres, EU lawmakers have made it compulsory for vendors to issue new tyres along with information on their fuel efficiency, stopping distances and volume levels.

Using a traffic-light system similar to those currently in widespread use on boilers and washing machines, tyres will be ranked from A to G, with the former being the best rating it can get. These scores will be put to fuel efficiency and stopping distances in wet conditions, whilst audibility levels will be documented in decibels.

Motorists and fleet managers may be able to use the information provided, along with products such as vehicle tracking systems, to more effectively manage their energy efficiency.

Comparatively, G-rated tyres will take around 30 per cent longer to stop in wet conditions than A-graded ones, which can be anything up to 18 metres. Efficiency, meanwhile, could save motorists money at the pumps whilst also contributing to reductions in the volume of CO2 produced on Europe's roads.

Whilst the move has been welcomed by many, some claim that the legislation doesn't, in fact, go far enough and that consumers should be supplied with even more information.

"The EU tyre label is a bit like a candle," product line manager at TUV SUD Automotives told autotrader.co.uk, "it sheds a light on the factors that affect tyre performance, but it doesn't compare to using a torch.

"Many specific performance aspects are simply not reflected by the information displayed on the label. Winter tyres are a very good example. It is a limitation that purchasers need to be aware of. You need to ask further questions of your tyre dealer and not expect the label to tell you everything you need to know."

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