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Aston Martin unveils 183mph Vanquish Volante

Date: 19/06/2013 11:57:41
Category: Car tracking
Author: Richard Towey

Aston Martin has released pictures and details of its Vanquish Volante convertible, which is expected to provide Photo: Aston Martincompetition for the Bentley GTC Speed.

The British manufacturer's latest entry in the luxury sports car market boasts 565bhp through a 6.0 litre engine, allowing it to reach a top speed of 183mph and zero - 62mph in just 4.2 seconds.

Aston's new vehicle features a full carbon fibre body - a first for the Volante series - and a six-speed TF automatic gearbox to further aid its performance.

The designers also had an eye on making the car more practical than its predecessor in the Volante DBS. The boot, for example, is 50 per cent bigger than the space in the vehicle it replaces, reports jalopnik.com.

Fans of the series may have expected Aston to go with an aluminium folding roof to an enable the open-top driving experience, but an old-fashioned cloth structure has been used to shrink the folding time down to just 14 seconds.

Almost every element of the vehicle, even the seats, have been coated in the eye-catching Ocellus Teal blue paint. However, despite the change in colour, many parts from the previous vehicle have been carried across.

The widescreen is the same height as the one fitted to the DBS, while the new Volante features the same exposed carbon splitter and rear diffuser as the standard car.

With prices starting at £199,995, investors would be wise to use some form of vehicle tracking technology to keep an eye on their new Aston at all times.

This is a much higher price than the Bentley, although the enhanced performance and 2x2 seating layout can go some way to justifying the extra cost.

Autoexpress.com says the order books are now open and the first Volantes will be shipped later this year. 

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