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Car tracking devices

In 2013 the number of car thefts involving keys rose to 90% (from 84% in 2012) showing the increasing sophistication of car criminals. TRACKER offers a range of car tracking solutions that protect your vehicle in the event of a theft, and we're proud to say that over 95% of stolen vehicles fitted with a TRACKER are returned to their owner, and 86% of these are recovered within 24 hours.

VHF and GPS car tracking devices

We use VHF and GPS tracking devices supported by all UK police forces to locate and recover your vehicle no matter where it is hidden. Our Thatcham and insurance approved TRACKERs can even successfully find your stolen car if thieves use GPS/GSM signal jammers.

Save money with a car tracking device

You can also save money on your driving costs and car insurance with security tracking systems from TRACKER. We successfully track and recover a range of stolen vehicles fast, which benefits insurance companies and these benefits are then passed onto you in the form of discounted premiums.

Choose from our range of Stolen Vehicle Recovery solutions:

Call 0845 604 6004 or contact us online or visit our online shop now so you can start reducing your insurance premiums and ensure your car is monitored at all times, including any potential theft attempts.


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Car tracking FAQs

Q: Will anyone know that a car tracking system is installed in my car?

Our TRACKER system is installed covertly, meaning that it is not visible as it is installed within the body of the vehicle. Its best thieves do not know it is there so they won’t try to find or remove it.

Q: Will the car tracking device work if the car battery gets disconnected?

Yes, our TRACKER devices come with a battery back-up which means they can self-power should the vehicle battery become disconnected or discharged. Under normal vehicle use your battery should last for 3 years.

Q: Will my TRACKER system work in Europe?

Answer: Depending on the type of TRACKER unit you have installed, it will provide partial or full European tracking coverage. Partial tracking coverage - France, Spain, Portugal, Poland, Italy, Holland & Luxembourg. TRACKER’s sister companies in these countries can track stolen vehicles using our patented digital VHF tracking.

What our Customers Say?

“I am extremely happy to be reunited with my car. It has sentimental value because I have a personalised licence plate and the interior been modified to certain specifics, including tinted windows, so I’d hate to lose it. I am so relieved I had signed up with TRACKER, otherwise the car could have been gone for good. I received an outstanding service and would recommend TRACKER to anyone.” - Basia Zarzycka, Fashion Designer

“I was astonished to hear that police and TRACKER had located my car so quickly. This is an amazing result. I am so pleased that I invested in TRACKER to protect my Aston Martin, which is worth a lot more than this simple, but highly effective security system. I would recommend TRACKER to any car owner who wants peace of mind against theft.” - Nick Spikett, owner of rare Aston Martin

Car Tracking Manufacture Compatibility

Our devices have been used in a range of models of vehicles. See the manufacture pages for details: Jaguar, Mercedes, Ford, Range Rover, Porsche, Audi & BMW.  

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We'd be delighted to answer any TRACKER questions you have or discuss the options in more detail.

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