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Customer Testimonials

Stolen vehicle recovery

“I am extremely happy to be reunited with my car. It has sentimental value because I have a personalised licence plate and the interior been modified to certain specifics, including tinted windows, so I’d hate to lose it. I am so relieved I had signed up with TRACKER, otherwise the car could have been gone for good. I received an outstanding service and would recommend TRACKER to anyone.”
Basia Zarzycka, Fashion Designer 


“I was surprised and delighted that TRACKER recovered my car so quickly. I thought we might have foiled the thieves through the power of Twitter, but luckily with the TRACKER device, we rescued my car from the hands of the thieves. It was shocking to think that the criminals break into your home and steal your keys, allowing them to drive off with your car and all your valuables. I’d recommend TRACKER to anyone who wants to protect their car from theft.”
Graham Norton, Television Presenter


“The theft of a caravan is a huge headache but thanks to our quick thinking staff and because we now have Battery Powered TRACKER Retrieve on all Swift caravans, we were able to notify police, trace the vehicle and recover it on the same day.  We are really delighted that Swift has partnered with TRACKER to make stolen caravan recoveries like this possible.”
Andy Carrington, Torksey Caravans 


“I was astonished to hear that police and TRACKER had located my car so quickly. This is an amazing result. I am so pleased that I invested in TRACKER to protect my Aston Martin, which is worth a lot more than this simple, but highly effective security system. I would recommend TRACKER to any car owner who wants peace of mind against theft.”
Nick Spikett, owner of rare Aston Martin 


“Luckily the inconvenience to my family was minimal as our car was recovered in just 5 hours.  My family rely heavily on this car as its size is great for ferrying us all where we need to and being without it would be a real headache. Fortunately, we got it back very quickly and we were saved from the inconvenience of having to make a claim on the insurance. We’re all so happy at the quick recovery of the BMW; I’m now considering installing a TRACKER device in another family vehicle.”
Mr. Dhesi, BMW X5 owner 


“We were very lucky that we had TRACKER units fitted to both vehicles. If they had not been recovered so quickly it would have caused huge disruption with the running of the farm, not to mention the financial impact. And had the Land Rover not been recovered our insurer would not have paid out as the keys had been left in the ignition. Being tenant farmers we certainly could not afford to replace a £10,000 Land Rover.” 
Land Rover Owner


“In the past, we lost a number of pieces of plant for good, because police were unable to detect the GPS signal used by other tracking devices we were using at that time.  However, innovation behind the TRACKER solution, combined with the company’s unparalleled relationship with the UK’s police force, ensures that stolen equipment can be quickly traced and recovered.  A stolen excavator of ours was recovered in just over an hour thanks to TRACKER. The results speak for themselves."
“With TRACKER’s telematics on our HGV vehicles, we’ve been able to improve our day-to-day business practices which has boost customer service and fleet performance levels.  The system locates the position of all our vehicles, allowing us to deploy the nearest vehicle to the next rental booking.   We can also see if a job is running behind schedule without our drivers having to call in with updates, which means we can take action and enhance the level of customer service we provide.”
David Marriott, Apex Plant Hire 


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