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TRACKER is a market leader in vehicle tracking solutions with almost 20 years experience. We offer comprehensive products that combine pioneering technology with support from the police and good business sense, which is why we’ve sold and fitted over a million TRACKER units in the UK to date.

Supported by the police

We are proud to be the only tracking partner supported nationwide by the UK police force. Detection units are fitted on all police patrol cars, helicopters and at major ports to help them locate and recover vehicles fitted with TRACKER units successfully.

Saving you money

As a motorist one of the most expensive impacts that a car can have on your family budget is car theft. Often overlooked are the costs associated with insurance excess from claims, additional travel costs incurred from interim use of public transport while any claims are settled (or the associated costs of hire cars that are not always a ‘free’ element of a car insurance policy) as well as any future increases in the insurance premiums to pay. Having a TRACKER device and enhanced vehicle security has been a key contributing factor towards recent decreases I car crime reported by the ONS so as a preventative measure all of the associated costs of car theft can be potentially mitigated. In addition to this, are the insurance savings potential from adding tracking devices to vehicles; lowering insurance premiums through reduction of the likelihood of theft.
These types of savings also apply to businesses in relation to recovery of stolen assets, fleets of vehicles, plus plant and agricultural sectors too.

Innovative VHF technology

In response to new challenges in the sector TRACKER developed and implemented the use of our unique VHF location technology in all tracking units. This addresses the problem of signal jamming that can affect GPS and GSM systems to ensure jammers cannot disable TRACKER units. VHF technology also aids location of concealed vehicles and is effective at finding even those hidden in shipping containers, lock-ups or underground car parks where GPS tracking can struggle.

The VHF technology is supported in 30 countries throughout the world and to date has been used to recover over 250,000 vehicles worth over $5 billion (USD).

Investment in research & development

At TRACKER we are constantly working to improve our products and offer our customers functionality that meets their needs. Our Battery Powered TRACKER Retrieve unit is a recent addition to our portfolio providing a solution ideal for infrequently used or unpowered vehicles.

We are currently working on an insurance telematics pilot which is designed to monitor driving style and behaviour to allow insurers to assess the potential risk and tailor insurance premiums to the individual rather than simply the make and model of car.


TRACKER have a team of in-house developers and specialists who design, test and install our bespoke telematics and data devices.

Our back office systems are of the highest standards with off site back-up and disaster recovery strategies in effect so you can be confident all your vehicle data is safe and secure.

Award winning

TRACKER has been recognised by many industry awards including winning:

2009 Van Fleet World ‘Security’ award
2012 Van Fleet World ‘Technology’ award
2013 Van Fleet World ‘Security’ award
2014 Van Fleet World ‘Internet’ award
2015 Sunday Times Hiscox Tech Track 100 – TRACKER ranked 14th place

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