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Keeping your vehicle secure whilst away 

Silver Mercedes on house drivewayAlthough going away can be fun, it can also be very stressful, especially if you're worried about the security of your car. Unfortunately, car theft is more common than people think as five in every 100 households experienced a car theft between 2011 and 2012, according to Office for National Statistics figures. So it's very important to keep your vehicle safe, especially when you're on holiday and are unable to protect it.

Here's how to make sure your vehicle stays as secure as possible whilst you're away:
Use a garage
If you choose to leave your car behind when you go away, you're better off storing it in a garage, rather than just leaving it outside your house. A smart criminal will soon figure out that you're away if the car hasn't moved for the last few days and therefore it's at risk of being stolen. If you don't have access to a personal garage, you may want to consider renting one or asking to borrow a friend or neighbours. 
Airport parking services
The most convenient and secure way to store your vehicle when you go away is to use an airport parking service. All you need to do to take advantage of such a service is to book your parking online, then on the day of your holiday drive down to the airport to have your car securely stored. These facilities are usually located near the airport and the company will often provide free transfers to and from the airport, so you don't have to worry about how you're going to get back once you've dropped off your car.
Attendants at these facilities carry full ID, so you can be sure that who you leave your car keys with is a trusted employee. Your vehicle is then stored in a locked facility, which is sometimes underground and usually surrounded by a gate and fencing. Even if someone does manage to get into the car park, CCTV monitors the grounds 24 hours a day and there is sometimes a management team that keeps an eye on things 365 days of the year. For added security, some places even employ trained guards to patrol the facility day and night.
Best of all, these services are usually fairly inexpensive too, especially when you compare this to the hassle of losing your car. 
Car tracking systems
Even if you are storing your car in a very secure location, you should also consider investing in a car tracking system. This way, if your car is stolen, TRACKER can help the police locate and recover your car. There are a variety of different car trackers available, some track by using only GPS (Global Positioning System) but TRACKER uses a combination of GPS, GSM and VHF technology. Our patented VHF technology means the signal cannot be blocked by a GPS/GSM jammer and the vehicle can still be tracked if it's being stored underground or in a steel container.
TRACKER can also track your car across Europe, so in the unlikely event that the thief manages to get your car outside of the UK, the police should still be able to locate your vehicle. 
Essentially, car trackers are a very successful way of tracking down your vehicle should the worst happen and can give you extra peace of mind whilst you're away on holiday.
Car criminals are getting more and more sophisticated all the time, so it's important to ensure your vehicle is stored as safely as possible when you're away. Your car is particularly under threat if it's new. New cars have better security systems than old ones but criminals are finding new ways to get around security systems all the time, as some thieves can even gain access to your car without the need of a key.
The best thing to do is to take advantage of secure airport parking facilities and to have a TRACKER fitted to your car. This way you can be sure the risk of your car getting stolen is very low and the likelihood of it getting recovered should the worst happen is high.

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