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There are a range of measures we can take, as consumers or business owners, to save money every day. Whether you are simply trying to spend less on fuel or reduce your insurance premiums or you need to ensure that your business adheres to changing legal and safety regulations, while maintaining service levels, the guides below are full of invaluable advice to help you. Browse this page for downloads, tips and other special features to help save you or your business money.

Find out more about new EU tyre regulations and the Insurance Gender Directive and how these might affect you. Choose from a range of money saving tools tailored to businesses with fleets and learn how a smoother drive could reduce the cost of fuel and of keeping your car on the road.

What is telematics?

If you've just passed your driving test, it's quite likely you're still recovering from the heart attack you had whilst looking at the price of car insurance. Because you are a new driver, you're seen as a risk to car insurance companies, as you're more likely than most to get into an accident. But what if you know you're a careful driver? Well, telematics might be for you.

Also known as black box insurance, telematics policies mean you pay for an insurance policy that is based on you, not the average driver. Potentially, you could save hundreds of pounds on your insurance, simply by installing a small black box in your car.

Here's everything you need to know about telematics


Best classic cars to invest in now?

Anyone who's ever been wooed by the charms of an old VW T2 camper, a Nuova Fiat 500 or an Austin Healey will have a rude awakening when they find out the price.

Whilst these classics are champions in terms of heritage and aesthetic, they can often command the same price as a brand new hatchback, with all mod cons.

Find out more about which care to buy?


What type of driver are you?

Give yourself five seconds to answer this question and be honest: On a scale of one to ten, how would you rate yourself as a driver?

Chances are you've awarded yourself a magnificent eight out of ten, or at the minimum a still-very-respectable seven. Well done you.

Find out more about what type of driver are you?


Ten of the best caravan parks in Europe

Europe has a huge selection of campsites and caravan parks, ranging from subdued rural retreats to bustling inner-city bases.With such choice at hand, it should come as no surprise that there are plenty of rather unique sites on offer. So with this in mind, here are ten sites from around Britain and Europe that are slightly different to the norm:

Find out more about ten of the best


Gear up for this summer's most exciting motoring events

As the weather begins to get warmer and the days a little longer, there are plenty of opportunities to enjoy some exciting automotive action around the UK. Whether you like to revel in the roaring of racing engines or you'd prefer to admire the classic styling of iconic vehicles of the past, 2014's motoring calendar has you covered.

Find out more about the most exciting motoring events this summer


A guide to reducing your car insurance premium

According to recent figures, car insurance premiums have risen by a staggering 61 per cent for most motorists in just five years. Furthermore the EU gender ruling, where insurers can't discriminate on sex when it comes to pricing, is in effect, forcing both males and females to up their search for the best value insurance.

Find out more about reduce your cost

Changing the way fuel efficiency is reported could have a huge impact on sales

Consumers could be more likely to consider fuel efficiency on their newest vehicle purchase if the way of presenting the figures is changed, energylifenews.com reports.
According to new research from Duke University in America, the current method of fuel reporting - miles per gallon - is ineffective because of its small scope. If this were to be changed for a much longer term outlook, however, the figures could appear much more stark.

Find out more about the changing way of fuel efficiency


Top 10 family cars

Estate vehicles can be identified by their large boots, convertibles by their folding roofs and supercars by their abundance of raw power. Though when it comes to pinpointing the quintessential family car, things get a little tricky.

Find out more about the top 10 family cars

The state of the luxury car market in 2014

With the economy continuing to show clear signs of a recover in 2013, luxury car manufacturers adjusted their plans for growth as they prepared for what could be the biggest year for business in decades.

Find out more about the state of the luxury car market


The true cost of car theft

There's no denying that we are heavily dependant on our cars; living without them is virtually unthinkable.

Find out more about the true cost of car theft >

Top ten Christmas driving songs

Christmas is the one time of the year when it is universally acceptable to sing your heart out in the car to songs that are older than your grandmother; when being caught mid-trill by fellow motorists elicits a smile and not a hand gesture - and what a cavalcade of great tracks there are to choose from.

Find out if your top tune is on the Christmas list


New car wrapped in red ribbonDriving safely and economically at Christmas

As Christmas draws ever closer, many of us wil be loading up our cars - or perhaps hiring one - to make journeys across the country. As such, the roads will be busy and what's more, wintry weather could make driving conditions a little tricky.

Find out more about driving safely and economically


New car wrapped in red ribbonCar tracking: A sensible New Year investment

Thousands upon thousands of motor vehicles are stolen every year, perhaps for onward re-selling while others are stripped of their parts for use on other cars. It is a crime that doesn't seem to be abating.

Find out more about car tracking


New car wrapped in red ribbonA car is for life, not just for Christmas

Much like a dog, a car is for life, not just for the season of goodwill. Here's how you can ensure you're making the right decision when picking a vehicle out for a Christmas present. 

Read our tips to help you choose the perfect car for Christmas >


The state of the luxury car market in 2013

Bentley, Porsche and Lamborghini were amongst the brands who had to deal with huge dips in sales during the late 2000s. It appeared that even the world's top earners were less inclined to buy new cars. 

Find out more about car manufacturing in 2013 >


Silver car on house drivewayKeeping your car secure whilst away

It's very important to keep your vehicle safe, especially when you're on holiday and are unable to protect it.

Read our top tips here >

Infographic - Top tips for lowering car insurance for new cars

We’ve produced a visual guide that helps explain the various ways that could help lower your car insurance when it comes to purchasing a new car.

Click here to see the infographic >


The ultimate guide to lowering your motor insurance premiums

The cost of your motor insurance is dependent on dozens of factors and will be slightly different depending on what insurer you do business with. 

Read these tips and find out how you can save money on insurance >


Tips and advice for buying a new car

Most people regard their car as one of their most valued and valuable possessions, which is why it really does pay to be attentive and a little bit picky when seeking an upgrade on your current vehicle. 

Here are some key aspects to consider when choosing a new car >

Top tips on keeping your caravan secure

As soon as the sun pops out, Britons all over the nation take the chance to head off on a caravanning holiday.While you're off having fun though, you must consider the security of your investment - or you'll end up having no holiday at all! 

Read these tips on protecting your caravan from theft >


How to protect agricultural machinery from theft

One of the largest threats to the rural economy is the theft of agricultural machinery, with farmers constantly having to implement new security measures in order to protect themselves from criminal activity.

Read more >

Top 5 factors influencing car buyers: free infographic

When it comes to buying a new car, what's important to you? Find out about the most important features to new car buyers across the UK and Europe in this handy infographic.

Read more >

The ultimate new car security checklist

Here are a few tips to help you keep your new car safe and secure. 

Read more >


Why vehicle security is important wherever you are in the world

From the United States of America, Canada and Mexico to the UK, Italy and Germany, vehicle theft is prevalent across a range of major states. Find out what the crime statistics say about car theft around the world.

Read more >

A how-to guide to cutting fuel costs

Here are a few ways to help combat the seemingly ever-rising fuel prices. 

Read more >

Insurance Telematics Explained

Find out how insurers, brokers and drivers can harness the benefit of machine-to-machine communication and all benefit from insurance telematics.

Read more >

EU tyre labelling regulations: How do they affect you?

These labels display three vital pieces of information about the tyres' quality: energy efficiency, grip and noise levels. Our article gives examples of how these labels apply to real life situations. Why is tyre noise level is important for fleet managers? What is the difference between and A and G wet grip rating in real terms?
Read more >

What the New EU Insurance Gender Directive means for you

Back in 2011, the Treasury announced that insurers would no longer be able to provide special rates on insurance based on gender. This new legislation came into force on December 21st 2012 and could have a significant impact on how Britons arrange insurance cover. Read our quick guide on the new rules... Read more >

Winter vehicle checkHow to prepare your car or motorcycle for winter

During the winter months, your car or motorbike may require a little more care and attention. Cold and potentially icy conditions can have an adverse effect on batteries especially, so your vehicle will require regular maintenance in order to function at an optimum level. This is particularly important in November, December and January, given the weather. Read more >

Top saving tips for efficient fleet managers

For businesses, seeking ways of increasing efficiency could mean the difference between success and failure, especially for those with large fleets comprising hundreds of vehicles. Read on for tips on how to save your business money. Read more >


Fuel savings calculator icon 

Fuel savings calculator for fleet managers

See how fleet tracking could save your business money with our Fuel savings calculator >


Case studies

Find out how TRACKER has helped businesses like yours to succeed. Read more >


Traffic & travel

Check for congestion using our handy route planner tool >


How does vehicle tracking work?

If your vehicle is stolen, we know you want it back as soon as possible. Of course, the key to getting it back is knowing where it is and this is where a vehicle tracker comes in. But, how does something so small work so effectively? Here’s everything you need to know about how vehicle tracking works.

More about How does vehicle tracking work? and TRACKER ».

Ten of the best caravan parks in Europe

Europe has a huge selection of campsites and caravan parks, ranging from subdued rural retreats to bustling inner-city bases. With such choice at hand, it should come as no surprise that there are plenty of rather unique sites on offer. So with this in mind, here are ten sites from around Britain and Europe that are slightly different to the norm:

More about Ten of the best caravan parks in Europe and TRACKER ».

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