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TRACKER Glossary

In this section of the TRACKER website you can access a range of vehicle, fleet and plant, tracking and technical definitions. A number of these terms are specific to TRACKER services and solutions and may (out of the context of TRACKER) have alternative or additional meanings.
The purpose of this section of the website is to help demystify any industry jargon and help you make an informed decision on your monitoring, tracking and recovery needs.

  • Asset Recovery - In vehicle tracking, asset recovery refers to the recovery of assets that have been stolen, fraudulently acquired or otherwise disposed of to remove them from their rightful owner.
  • Business Fleet Tracking - Business Fleet Tracking is used as a system to monitor the many variables of company vehicle usage. Distance, location, efficiency and many more variables can be tracked for cost effectiveness and business efficiencies.
  • Business Fleet Tracking Software - You can use business tracking software to help monitor your fleet in real time. Save time, reduce costs, monitor drier behaviour and verify time sheets.
  • Car Insurance with Telematics - Car insurance companies have introduced telematics in order to offer discounted policies for those who drive within a certain framework.
  • Commercial Fleet Management - Fleet Management is a function which allows companies which rely on transportation in business to remove or minimize the risks associated with vehicle investment, improving efficiency, productivity and reducing their overall transportation and staff costs.
  • Company Vehicle - A company vehicle is a vehicle that is supplied by the company in order to fulfil your job role. Most commonly, company vehicles are essential to complete the operations of a business.
  • Company Vehicle Tracking Devices - Specifically used to help a company reduce the cost of their fleet operations and increase efficiencies. A company could use fleet tracking devices to plan more practical routes, assess driver performance, for detailed time tracking and more.
  • Fleet Fuel Savings - Fleet fuel savings relates to how much money you can save by tracking vehicle usage. You can track fuel costs and discover opportunities to become more efficient.
  • Fleet Management - Fleet management can include a range of functions that are aimed to reduce or minimise the risk of vehicle investment both financially and safety orientated.
  • Fuel Cost Savings Calculator - Our fuel saving calculator will help you to estimate the savings a tracker can initiate. By working with average MPG's and average miles driven, calculate your savings.
  • Fuel Costs - The total cost of running your fleet associated with the fuel used.
  • Fuel Saving - Fuel saving is a way to measure differences between using a tracking device and not. This will give an indication on the effectiveness of fleet tracking.
  • GPS - GPS is a satellite technology used to aid vehicle tracking. It stands for Global Positioning System.
  • HPI Check - An HPI Check can identify if a vehicle has outstanding finance, is stolen, written off or clocked. It includes a guarantee, valuation and mileage info.
  • MPG - Miles Per Gallon - a method of calculating fuel efficiency. This calculates how many miles you can travel per gallon of fuel.
  • Real Time Vehicle Tracking - Real-time vehicle tracking is the ability to track a vehicle in current time. GPS offers real time or near real time tracking facilities.
  • Recovered Theft - The term Recovered Theft relates to that of a vehicle that was once stolen but since recovered.
  • SOC - This stands for 'Secure Operating Centre'. In the event of a theft or unauthorised theft of your vehicle, with a Tracker Cat 5 Plus the SOC will be notified.
  • Telematics - Telematics is an interdisciplinary field encompassing telecommunications, vehicular technologies, road transportation, road safety, electrical engineering and computer science.
  • Telematics Insurance - Telematics based insurance can be identified as pay as you drive (PAYD), pay how you drive (PHYD) or a distance travelled based insurance. These are aimed to reduce insurance costs through intelligence.
  • Thatcham Approved - Thatcham is an automotive research centre. It's aim is to reduce the cost of motor insurance claims whilst maintaining safety standards.
  • Vehicle Tracking Devices - A vehicle tracking device combines the use of GPS in individual vehicles with software that collects such data to provide exact locations.

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