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My TRACKER, my mate

Date: 04 March 2013

Leading stolen vehicle recovery (SVR) expert TRACKER is helping its customers save money and improve their journeys with the launch of My TRACKER. This new offering gives TRACKER Locate customers online access to real time information on their vehicle from anywhere in the world, in addition to benefiting from TRACKER’s award-winning SVR protection.

“Whether saving TRACKER customers time or helping them monitor expenses, My TRACKER, really gets to the heart of the issues affecting motorists today,” comments, Stephen Doran, Managing Director for TRACKER. “Not only does it offer protection should a vehicle be stolen, but they will also see benefits the moment they install TRACKER Locate.”

Driving Down Costs

As the cost of motoring continues to rise, many motorists will want to monitor the expenses related to their vehicle. The My TRACKER Dashboard provides a summary of information on the total distance and time travelled, and fuel consumption, helping to establish any areas where money can be saved.

These reports can then be viewed monthly over a 12 month period – allowing for detailed analysis on where costs can be saved. Environmental concerns are also addressed with the CO2 emissions of a customer’s vehicle available within My TRACKER’s reports.

Monitoring Movement

My TRACKER also helps alert owners to where a car is going and when it is being used. The Alerts Tab features a security breach setting, which allows them to set a period when a vehicle will not be used. If the vehicles engine then starts within that time, an alert is sent free of charge to the owner.

In addition, there is a Geofence setting which allows owners to create an area on a map around a defined location. This can be set in any shape or size and can either keep a vehicle inside the area or away from it. If the vehicle then breaches the Geofence, an alert will be sent to the customer, again free of charge.

Improving Journeys

Compatible with both tablet computers and smartphones, My TRACKER also offers benefits while drivers are out on the road. Supported by Google Maps, My TRACKER allows customers to view their vehicle either by satellite or with Google Street View. With information on traffic flow, congestion zones, incidents and roadworks My TRACKER helps users stay one step ahead of traffic hot spots.

Other benefits include information on local amenities such as restaurants, hotels and the nearest petrol station, offering a comprehensive journey aid at the touch of a button.

My TRACKER also helps owners remember crucial dates, by allowing them to set reminders for MOTs, car servicing appointments, insurance renewals and other important dates of their choice. They can be sent via email, text – or both. My TRACKER is a free addition to TRACKER Locate SVR product and is accessed, simply by registering at TRACKER.co.uk.

Doran concludes, “My TRACKER adds value by offering a complete system which not only recovers your cherished vehicle if it is stolen, but also offers cost-saving benefits and allows you to monitor your vehicle – all at no extra cost. With these new features, the already cutting edge TRACKER Locate system is now the most comprehensive available on the market.”

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