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TRACKER's Mesh Network locates stolen caravan and two thieves in an hour

Date: 11 February 2013

Stolen vehicle recovery (SVR) expert, TRACKER has triumphed once again by locating a customer’s stolen caravan in Farnham, Surrey, accompanied by the two thieves that stole it.   The speedy recovery of the Bailey caravan was aided by TRACKER Mesh Network – unique technology designed to cast a virtual net over thieves.   .
Bailey Caravans’ fit TRACKER’s units as standard to its flagship Unicorn range and Pegasus range, offering owners unrivalled protection against theft.  However any caravan can be independently equipped with a TRACKER device.  When Mr Stevens realised his caravan had been stolen around 7am, he informed the Police and TRACKER.  The unit was promptly activated and traced only a few miles away in just an hour.  What’s more the caravan was recovered outside the home of the two thieves involved. They have both since been prosecuted for the offense.  
Mr Steven’s says “TRACKER and the police were amazing. If everything had a TRACKER fitted you’d never lose anything! Such a simple measure makes such a difference. I would never hesitate to fit a vehicle tracking solution to any vehicle in the future.”
TRACKER’s Mesh Network creates an added defense against vehicle theft by using other vehicles already fitted with a unit to identify stolen vehicles, therefore creating its very own social network. When a vehicle fitted with a TRACKER unit* passes any TRACKER SVR equipped vehicle that has been reported stolen, it automatically sends a signal to TRACKER providing the location of the stolen asset – even if it is hidden in a garage, container or underground car park.  Furthermore, its technology is used by all 52 police forces in the UK, demonstrating the power of TRACKER’s SVR solutions.
Offering peace of mind to all caravan owners, TRACKER has recently launched Battery Powered TRACKER Retrieve.  This offers ideal protection for caravan owners as it has been designed for unpowered or infrequently used assets to avoid draining the battery. The Thatcham approved units have their own power source and don’t need to be wired into the electrical system of a caravan.
Caravans are a home-from-home for many of their owners, so it is no surprise that they develop such emotional attachments to their vehicles, as Mr Steven’s testifies:  “My wife’s even more pleased than me to get it back, as it’s her baby.”   This is not an unusual success story for TRACKER; 90% of stolen vehicles fitted with a TRACKER are reunited with their owner, and 80% of these are recovered within 24 hours.
Stuart Chapman, TRACKER Police Relationship Manager concludes:  “Having a caravan tracking device fitted offers caravan owners a very good chance of it being recovered, should it be stolen. Caravans are now attracting organised gangs of criminals who target the make and model they want, stealing to order.   Whilst the caravan will probably be insured and eventually replaced, its contents which will have sentimental value won’t be and a theft can ruin holiday plans, both causing distress owners.  Installing a vehicle tracking device will not only avoid inconvenience but could save considerable heartache.”

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