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TRACKER partners with Road Guardian to launch driving style claims management app in Northern Ireland

Date: 24 February 2016

TRACKER (part of the Tantalum Corporation), a leading telematics expert, has partnered with Road Guardian to launch a new driving style claims management App for motorists in Northern Ireland.  The initiative originates from a desire to encourage safer driving by changing driving attitudes and improving road safety. In the first year of the partnership, Road Guardian and TRACKER were awarded contracts with national and international insurance companies to implement reduction plans for their customers, confirming the success of the collaboration.

Road Guardian’s new smartphone App not only monitors journeys in real time, but detects road incidents, provides video footage of these events and assists in the claim process.   If the vehicle is in an incident, the App’s SOS function means drivers can send for assistance with confidence, as their exact location will be known. And TRACKER’s vehicle tracking technology means Road Guardian can also assist in recovering broken down vehicles.
Furthermore, the Road Guardian App provides private and commercial drivers with reports and statistics to help them monitor their driving style and suggest improvements.  By communicating with the vehicle’s OBD unit to monitor vehicle performance, the App can also give early warning of faults to help protect the vehicle, the environment and the driver’s finances.

Alongside TRACKER, Road Guardian has worked with Provincewide Insurance and Invest Northern Ireland to bring the app to market.  Invest NI offered R&D support of £32,500 towards the development of the Road Guardian App. Invest Northern Ireland’s R&D support is part funded by ERDF under the EU Investment for Growth and Jobs Programme 2014-2020.   
Sean Brown, Managing Director of Road Guardian, comments, “The Road Guardian initiative has been a huge success not only in Northern Ireland but has attracted opportunities across the UK and Europe thanks to our partners and support from Invest NI. Currently, we are in advanced negotiations with a global insurer which could see Road Guardian launching in the USA within the next 12 months.”
Road Guardian is not only an App. Road Guardian is partnered with RGS.  RGS will provide full claims management, legal assistance, driver correctional training, fleet management, fleet and commercial vehicle consultancy, education and in-house training on a wide range of services.
David Wilson, Chief Operating Officer for TRACKER, concludes, “The launch of the Road Guardian App supports our commitment to collaborating with likeminded innovators in the telematics arena to deliver driver behavior solutions that meet a wide range of uses for both individuals and businesses.   Crucially, the App launch marks the next phase of Road Guardian’s development and a commitment to continually educate drivers on reducing costs and improving road safety. By supporting all aspects of driving, Road Guardian is significantly making our roads safer.” 
Road Guardian was founded by its Managing Director, Sean Brown. He is a former Police Advanced Driving Instructor with the Police Service of Northern Ireland and a DOE approved driving instructor and founder of Road Safety Awareness NI.

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