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TRACKER launches TRACKER Fleet Evo

Date: 08 April 2015

In direct response to increasing requests from its SMEs customers, TRACKER (part of the Tantalum Corporation) has launched TRACKER Fleet Evo, an entry based telematics solution suitable for businesses with a fleet of up to 20 vehicles.  Based on the highly successful  TRACKER Fleet telematics solution, the Evo offering enables businesses to select the degree of data and functionality they need to support their fleet practices. 
TRACKER Fleet Evo features as standard journeys and mapping, offering route planning, traffic alerts, as well as providing vehicle and asset status and locations. Businesses can also benefit from journey playback, including start and stop times, giving fleet owners an overview of their vehicles and identify any issues, such as reasons for repeated journey delays. It even provides an option to set-up alerts such as geofences alerts, so if a vehicle enters or leaves a pre-determined geographical area or operates outside a pre-determinted time without authority, an alert will be triggered.

For those that want to employ a telematics solution to monitor driver style and low impact collisions, TRACKER Fleet Evo will shortly have the option to be upgraded at any time, to include driving style and impact detection modules, as needed.  Users can even upgrade to the full TRACKER Fleet web based service, which also includes the driving style and impact modules as standard.
“Based on feedback from our customers, SMEs see the benefits of telematics, but often don’t need all the features provided on more complex systems,” explains David Wilson, Chief Operating Officer at TRACKER. “By creating TRACKER Fleet Evo, we can offer smaller fleet owners a modular system, allowing them to simply ‘Track and Trace’ vehicles or add more features, as they go.
“Most fleet telematics solutions focus on organisations with hundreds or even thousands of vehicles, but TRACKER Fleet Evo targets businesses with fleets from one vehicle, up to 20. With access to a streamlined level of information on their vehicles, smaller fleet owners can make positive changes to drive down mileage and the associated fuel and repair costs. Telematics can also help them better manage journeys to improve customer service, delivering tangible business benefits. This launch is part of TRACKER’s commitment to ensuring more businesses can harness the power of telematics.”
TRACKER Fleet Evo costs start from as little as £4.95 per month*.
*Terms and conditions apply

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