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TRACKER helps police recover stolen JCB within two hours in Wolverhampton

Date: 20 February 2015

Police in the West Midlands successfully recovered a stolen JCB within 2 hours after it was taken from Wolverhampton – despite attempts by thieves to disable the JCB’s tracking technology by fitting a jammer.   Fortunately,  HFN Landscapes, owners of the JCB, had invested in having fitted a TRACKER unit and once the device was activated, police received a signal within two minutes, leading to its prompt recovery. 
When police located the JCB they found on inspection the vehicle’s battery in its footwell with flashing LEDs and a device attached to it by wires. The bomb squad was immediately called in to investigate.  Thankfully it turned out to be a jammer, used by criminals to disable the TRACKER signal. Fortunately, TRACKER's unique VHF technology offers the most effective protection, as it’s not vulnerable to GPS and GSM jammers, meaning it could still lead police to the stolen vehicle. This, combined with the Mesh Network, were crucial in helping police locate the stolen JCB.

Peter Lockwood, Operations Director of HFN Landscapes comments, “We invest in our own specialist equipment, therefore, having our JCB stolen was detrimental to our business both financially and operationally. Investing in a TRACKER certianly saved us a lot of time and money, as we were able to get the JCB back and onsite the same day it was stolen.
Lockwood continues, “We were very unlucky to have a second vehicle stolen. However, the investment in having a TRACKER unit fitted to the vehicle paid off again, and it was recovered and returned to us within two days. I will now be putting tracking units on all my vehicles.”
Andy Barrs, Head of Police Liaison at TRACKER comments, “Businesses like HFN Landscapes are vulnerable to high value thefts, which make a big impact on their bottom line. However, this case illustrates the value of a TRACKER device, as it can significantly increase the chance of police locating and returning stolen assets, such as this JCB. This combined with our Mesh Network, makes TRACKER the most robust tracking device available today.”
TRACKER’s Mesh Network creates an added defence against vehicle theft by using other vehicles already fitted with a unit to identify stolen vehicles, therefore creating its very own social network. When a vehicle fitted with a TRACKER unit passes any TRACKER stolen vehicle recovery (SVR) equipped vehicle that has been reported stolen, it automatically sends a signal to TRACKER providing the location of the stolen asset.
Andy Barrs concludes, “This was a successful case for police and the JCB owner, but it should remind plant owners to take steps to protect their assets, which are attractive to thieves. TRACKER continues to work closely with police forces across the UK to clampdown on criminals gangs targeting businesses and their valuable plant and machinery.”

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