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TRACKER celebrates recovering over £500 million worth of stolen vehicles

Date: 02 February 2016

TRACKER (part of the Tantalum Corporation), the leading Stolen Vehicle Recovery (SVR) provider, has reached a significant milestone - recovering over £500 million worth stolen recovery vehicles. TRACKER assisted the Metropolitan police in locating a stolen Mercedes ML250 worth £60,000 in Romford, Essex. The vehicle was traced to a garage, where it was found alongside several other stolen vehicles, including one linked to a Grievance Bodily Harm (GBH) incident. The recovery resulted in yet another arrest and cements TRACKER’s role as a crucial player in closing the net on criminals.

The Mercedes ML250 was stolen without keys by thieves during the night from its owner’s driveway.  Craig Harvey from Essex explains:  “I always park my car on the drive.  It’s fitted with the latest security devices, so I thought it would be perfectly safe, but it’s frightening how sophisticated the techniques are that criminals employ today. It wasn’t until I left for work at 5.30am that I realised that the car had been stolen. I immediately alerted the police and contacted TRACKER. Much to my relief, once the TRACKER device had been activated, the car was located by midday the same day.”
Adds Adrian Davenport, Police Liaison manager at TRACKER: “It is extremely exciting for TRACKER to have reached this milestone in recoveries. Having a close working relationship with the UK police forces has enabled us to be able to crack down on petty thieves through to organised crime syndicates, especially those targeting high value vehicles.  The first ever TRACKER recovery was a Ford Escort RS Cosworth in 1993 which still commands a high price tag in today’s used car market.”
“Although TRACKER can’t stop a car being stolen in the first place, having one of its SVR devices fitted to your vehicle is proven to significantly increase the chances of it being located and recovered.
“By using our unique VHF technology, TRACKER units can overcome potential theft recovery hurdles such as concealment in underground garages or shipping containers.  The use of GPS/GSM technology also means we can beat signal jamming, a common tactic employed by professional criminals.  Without question, our devices provide a greater level of defence than any of our competitor’s offerings and we remain committed to continuing to assist police forces across the UK and protecting car owners, by helping to recover many more stolen vehicles and assets in 2016.”

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