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TRACKER announces successful testing of crash detection using MIRA facilities

Date: 06 May 2014

Vehicle telematics experts TRACKER is continuing its commitment to pioneering driver behaviour monitoring for the insurance sector by announcing the successful testing of its new ‘Crash Detection’ technology using the MIRA facilities.  This latest innovation will enable TRACKER’s telematics unit to alert insurers of low speed collisions within 30 seconds of an incident happening – and provide insurers with a First Notification of Loss (FNOL) on smaller crashes which may have otherwise gone undisclosed to the insurer.
Mark Thomson, Director of Insurance at TRACKER, comments, “The successful TRACKER validation of our Crash Detection technology is a truly exciting development for the insurance market.  Traditionally many telematics providers have claimed to be able to offer accurate small collision detection, but the reality is until now no one has actually proved that their technology is robust enough to deliver.  We are confident we can alert insurers when a small crash has occurred to allow for immediate investigation, and if necessary to make earlier contact with anybody potentially injured.  The fact that we’ve thoroughly tested our technology will mean insurers can handle with confidence any concerns about the validity of a claim arising from such a low impact crash.”
TRACKER’s already advanced telematics technology reports driver behaviour data back to TRACKER every second, including speed, braking and cornering.  Now, with Crash Detection, if there is a low-speed impact of 3-5mph, the technology will calibrate this with the other data within TRACKER to ascertain if a low-impact crash has occurred. If this is the case, TRACKER will inform the insurer within 30 seconds, enabling them to investigate the incident further and implement the claims process where appropriate, as well as allow them to more accurately evaluate a customer’s risk when underwriting renewals.
Thomson concludes, “We conducted all manner of tests on vehicles, fitting a number of units on different areas of a vehicle, as well as testing for different types of crash, such as head-on, rear, sideways and into walls. Each time the product worked perfectly, giving us total confidence to present the service to insurers.

“Up until now, telematics in the insurance industry has all been about helping the insurer make a judgement on a driver’s ability, now, with this new product, we are enabling insurers to uncover a whole new level of information. This not just a gimmick, but something that can actually advance the way in which telematics supports insurers throughout the claims and underwriting process.
“And this is just the beginning. We are committed to constantly improving the product to provide even more accurate driver behaviour data and, ultimately, streamline the claims process for both insurers and their customers.”

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