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Range Rovers at risk in London

Date: 07 April 2014

TRACKER is warning owners of the popular Range Rover of a sharp rise in the number of Range Rovers stolen and recovered in the London area. In one instance last week a Range Rover worth over £110,000 was stolen and recovered, highlighting just how valuable these vehicles are. TRACKER, the UK’s leading provider of stolen vehicle recovery solutions (SVR), urges all owners of Range Rovers in London to be extra vigilant and focus on the security of their vehicle.
The recent crime spree has more often than not seen the Range Rovers stolen from across the Central London area in what appears to be a co-ordinated approach.
Adrian Davenport, Police Liaison Officer for TRACKER, explains, “Owning a Range Rover or 4x4 has been fashionable for a number of years in London, as many owners enjoy the space and luxury they afford. The fact that these thefts are moving from one part of London to another rather than further afield suggest the thieves are utilising this popularity to try and turn a quick profit stealing these cars.
Many of the thefts we’ve seen have been stealing parked cars from the street using electronic devices. GPS Jammers can block some tracking systems, however TRACKER not only uses GPS but GSM and VHF technology to ensure jammers cannot stop the system from locating a vehicle.”
TRACKER is the only SVR product that is used by the UK’s police forces, helping to recover more stolen vehicles and make arrests, bringing thieves to justice. Unlike other devices, TRACKER’s unique technology can locate stolen vehicles anywhere, even when they are hidden in a garage or shipping container.
Davenport concludes, “The fact that we’ve seen this rise in recoveries clearly shows that our products are working. Installing a TRACKER device can significantly increase the chance of police locating and returning a stolen vehicle, with 95%* of stolen cars fitted with a TRACKER returned to their owners and 86% recovered within 24hrs. Having a TRACKER device installed can be the difference between a Range Rover being found and returned to the owner or it being lost for good. It’s the ultimate protection for owners while the thieves have their eyes on these cars.”

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