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Peugeot Tweet most stolen and recovered motorbike in 2016

Date: 13 September 2016

According to the latest figures from TRACKER (part of the Tantalum Corporation), the popular Peugeot Tweet was the most stolen and recovered motorbike, in the first half of 2016, with the Peugeot Ludix coming in second. With both models valued at between an average £1,500 and £2,500, it’s clear that thieves target low cost, popular models that they can sell on easily. However, TRACKER continues to help police recover stolen motorbikes, with nearly £255,200 worth of motorbikes being returned to their owners between January and June.
Peugeot not surprisingly, is the most favoured motorbike and scooter manufacturer with thieves, followed by the Honda. The Piaggio Vespa GTS is the most expensive model in the top five stolen and recovered by value, with a price tag of between £3,000 and £5,000.  When it comes to motorbike thefts, London is the hot spot, with over 79% of recovered vehicles originally stolen in London.
“Our latest figures reveal that it’s not simply premium makes and models, which attract thieves,” explains Andy Barrs, Head of Police Liaison at TRACKER.  “Whilst a high value bike may turn heads among criminal gangs, there is a huge market for the most popular and affordable motorbikes, such as Peugeot and Honda.”
“It’s also interesting to see that London is the number one hotspot for motorbike thefts. This supports the latest figures from the Metropolitan Police Service, which reports a 44% increase in motorbike theft in London*. The message for motorbike and scooter owners is that they need to take steps to protect their vehicles from thieves. Whilst our tracking devices won’t prevent a bike from being stolen, they will significantly increase the chances of police locating and retrieving it before thieves can ship it or break it down for parts.”
Specially developed to protect unpowered or infrequently used assets to avoid draining the battery, Battery Powered TRACKER Retrieve has its own power source and does not need to be wired into the electrical system of a vehicle, making it ideal for motorcycles, including vintage bikes. 
Using patented VHF technology it can track stolen motorcycles and scooters, even if they are hidden in containers, lock-ups or underground car parks. The high tech tracking technology is not stopped by GPS/GSM signal jammers and the signal can be picked up throughout the UK, as well as France, Spain, Poland, Holland, Luxembourg and Italy - perfect for those planning a summertime ride across Europe.
                         Make and Model Value
  1. Peugeot Tweet
  1. Peugeot Ludix
  1. Honda ANF
  1. Honda SH125
  1. Piaggo Vespa GTS

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