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Fleet telematics intelligence is only intelligent if it is usable

Date: 17 July 2015

Telematics expert, TRACKER (part of the Tantalum Corporation), is urging fleet managers to not be seduced by the volume of data that a telematics solution offers, but the relevance of data.  Placing an emphasis on ‘usability’, TRACKER says a fleet management solution must provide insight that can be evidenced to support a business and its operational needs. TRACKER’s partnership with Express Parcel Services, which spans more than 20 years, demonstrates the benefits to be gained by creating a rounded and relevant overview of driver and fuel efficiency.
Established in 1971, the Express Parcel Services (EPS) group of companies offers a wide range of flexible storage, warehousing and distribution solutions.  It boasts a fleet of over 150 vehicles and trailers, ranging from 3500kg vans to 44 ton tractor units. Every vehicle is fitted with either a TRACKER Stolen Vehicle Recovery (SVR) or a TRACKER Fleet unit, including the trailers. Over the past eight years the business has been victim to seven van thefts, all of which were recovered by TRACKER saving the business over £175,000 as well as the value of the stock that was also saved. Furthermore, one of the Director’s Range Rover Sports was stolen and successfully recovered, results in a saving of around £80,000
However, in more recent years, EPS has increasingly utilized the telematics data available to the business through TRACKER Fleet.  This has helped it gain a deeper understanding of its fleet efficiencies and cost implications, which in turn has improved business practices and boosted its bottom line.

Jamie Carr, Fleet Risk Manager at EPS explains: “Although we have worked with TRACKER for over 20 years, it’s only in the last year or so that we have fully recognised the value of the fleet management data available to us.  In particular, we have looked much more closely at driver performance data.  Indeed, this has become a crucial tool for our managers when analysing their fleet’s efficiency and ways to improve it. We are also now looking at geo-measuring and fuel integration information, to see where we can cut any further unnecessary costs.  By putting all the data sets together and analysing a complete picture we’ve been able to tackle some of the issues that all fleets face, such as fuel efficiency. By working more closely with TRACKER we have implemented a truly effective telematics solution that doesn’t require hours of deciphering large amounts of data.
“The offerings from TRACKER are fantastic and we have a great deal of confidence in the SVR product. This has proved to be invaluable to our business that we are even having two new Land Rovers fitted with the SVR product in addition to the offering that was already with the cars when they were purchased last year. We recommend all fleets to invest in the units.”
David Wilson, Chief Operating Officer for TRACKER says: “From talking to all of our fleet customers, both large and small, we have found that there has been a desire to move away from the ‘bells and whistles’ telematic solutions to those that deliver meaningful and therefore, useable, data.” 
TRACKER believes that fleet operators need to be selective about the amount and type of fleet telematics data their company needs – and have the resources in place to interpret it to give it meaning. By implementing the right solution from the outset, businesses can benefit from immediately usable data. Concludes David Wilson: “Our partnership with EPS is a prime example of how fleets need to work more closely with their telematics provider to get relevant information that is going to benefit them.”

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