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Classic 1962 Jaguar worth £150000 stolen in West London

Date: 17 June 2015

TRACKER (part of the Tantalum Corporation), the leading stolen vehicle recovery (SVR) provider, helped recover a much loved 53 year old Jaguar E-type after it was stolen in broad daylight in West London. The classic car, which is worth a staggering £165,000, would actually have been more valuable to the thief broken down and sold as parts.  However, as the Jaguar was fitted with a TRACKER device, as soon as it was activated the silent signal emitted led police straight to the stolen vehicle.
The Jaguar’s owner, Mr. Duckworth explained, “I had taken the car for a spin with my wife and when we returned home I parked the car outside our house. It had vanished just 10 minutes later. The car has been in the family for 35 years so it means infinitely more to my wife and me than just a piece of metal on four wheels! It was also our wedding car so we were devastated when we found it had been taken; it is definitely cherished and we could never replace it.”
“The car is bright red so really stands out but they had driven it away and hidden it down a narrow dead end street less than a mile away, and under an old tatty car cover. Even if I had walked right past it on the street I don’t think I would have known it was there. I had TRACKER fitted four years ago and I’m so grateful I did, as I would never have got it back - let alone get it back so quickly. I’m now getting all of my cars upgraded with a TRACKER device, as it’s proved its value beyond doubt. I was delighted to have the car recovered without any damage and to top it off, a man has been arrested in connection with the theft.”

Adrian Davenport, Police Liaison Manager for TRACKER explains, “Thieves are targeting classic cars, as they don’t have the sophisticated security features we take for granted on modern vehicles. It is understandable classic car owners aren’t keen on installing alarm systems and immobilisers as they can affect the aesthetics of the vehicle. A tracking unit is discreetly fitted to a car, so will not affect the look of the car. The device won’t stop a vehicle being stolen, however it will significantly increase the chances of the police recovering and returning the vehicle to its owner.”
TRACKER’s unique combination of GSM, VHF and GPS technology means it can help police locate vehicles, even if they are hidden underground, in a garage or a shipping container. Over 90% of cars fitted with a TRACKER device are successfully located and returned to owners, usually within 24 hours. TRACKER is the only SVR solution operated by all Police Forces across the UK, offering car owners the ultimate in peace of mind.

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