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As the harvest season gets into full swing TRACKER warns farmers "protect your assets!"

Date: 14 July 2014

As the UK’s agricultural community steps into harvesting action, stolen vehicle recovery (SVR) expert, TRACKER, is urging farmers to protect their equipment from opportunistic thieves.  In a bid to thwart rural crime, TRACKER is passing on valuable savings on its award winning SVR systems to members of the UK’s leading farming membership organisation, the National Farmers’ Union (NFU).
In addition to gaining an exclusive discount on the cost of TRACKER products for NFU Members, helping them stay protected for less, NFU Mutual customers who have a TRACKER unit fitted to their plant or agricultural machinery can benefit from a 12.5% discount off insurance premiums.   Farmers who also mark tractors and plant with the CESAR database registration, along with fitting a TRACKER SVR unit, gain a further 12.5% discount, reducing their premiums by 25% in total.
“Whilst TRACKER has recovered over £15million worth of stolen plant and agricultural machinery and equipment over the last five years, theft remains a very real threat to farmers,” explains Andy Barrs, Head of Police Liaison at TRACKER.  “Loss of plant and agricultural equipment has a huge financial impact on farmers and their business, but particularly so during the summer season as valuable crops could be ruined if equipment that would be used to reap arable land is stolen, delaying farmer’s harvesting plans.
“The NFU Mutual reports that rural theft cost an estimated £42.3m in the UK during 2012, however SVR units offer real protection from criminals targeting farms and rural communities. Our growing partnership with the NFU not only reduces the cost to farmers in protecting their assets, with the discount on a TRACKER security unit, but reduces their NFU Mutual insurance premiums, meaning greater security for less.”
Operated by all police forces in the UK, TRACKER is the most advanced tracking device on the market, significantly increasing the chances of recovery. The system is Thatcham approved, offering added quality assurance and the possibility of an insurance discount. Unlike other tracking systems, the device works no matter where the plant is hidden, even if taken abroad, offering farmers the ultimate protection.

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