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New car buyers likely to consider carbon offsetting

Date: 03/04/2013 14:10:32
Category: Fuel Efficiency
Author: Sean McGrath

Forty per cent of new car buyers would consider offsetting the emissions of their vehicle, a survey has found.

The survey, conducted by whatcar.com and CNI UK, investigated motorists' attitudes towards the environmental impact of owning a car.

When asked what the cost was to offset the carbon emissions of a typical family car, the respondents overestimated by 300 per cent. Asked 'how much would you be prepared to pay to make a vehicle carbon neutral for a year?', the average answer was £47. Typically, the average cost to offset a standard family vehicle would be closer to £10, reported freshbusinessthinking.com.

Carbon offsetting is increasingly becoming a popular way to 'naturalise' the amount of CO2 in the atmosphere with eco-friendly measures such as planting trees. 

The survey also found that consumers are becoming increasingly aware of environmental and financial costs of performance. Nearly 60 per cent of respondents said that vehicle efficiencies strongly influenced their purchasing decisions. Vehicle tracking and measures such as properly inflated tyres are both ways consumers can increase fuel efficiency.

Edward Carlton, managing director of CNI, said: "In many cases, the motorist can reduce environmental impact, drive the vehicle they desire and not spend a fortune achieving this happy balance - which is good news all 'round."

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