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Lancashire Police urges residents to protect their cars

Date: 20/12/2012 15:38:25
Category: Car tracking
Author: Joe Elvin

Lancashire Police is urging residents to take more measures to protect their cars, after a string of catalytic converter thefts were reported in the area.

Lep.co.uk reports that thieves have been operating on a number of industrial states around the county and cutting valuable catalytic converters from underneath the rear of vehicles.

In an interview with thebay.co.uk, local police sergeant Simon Balderstone issued a desperate plea to readers.

He said: "Scrap metal continues to fetch a good price so anything metallic is tempting to thieves. A missing catalytic converter may not be instantly noticeable when you approach your car - but the cost of replacing it will certainly be noticeable, so we'd ask motorists to remain vigilant and take some simple crime prevention measures to keep their vehicles safe."

Motorists could apply vehicle tracking devices to help recover stolen cars or even deter thieves altogether. They were also encouraged to lock cars in garages where possible and add devices such as security lights.

Lancashire Police are still on the hunt for the thieves. They have asked for any residents with information about catalytic converter thefts to phone them on 101. The devices are a common target for thieves as they have a high resale value.

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