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High tech security helps reduce 'agri-crime' in Staffordshire

Date: 31/10/2012 11:19:35
Category: Agricultural machinery tracking
Author: Chris Taylor

Police have reported significant falls in the amount of rural crime in Staffordshire and Derbyshire - mainly thanks to new technology.

Burtonmail.co.uk writes that Staffordshire and Derbyshire's forces have posted drops in all kinds of crime, with the exception of drug crime, bringing figures below the national average of 36.68 per cent.

Nearby Leicestershire Police meanwhile, revealed that whilst it had also had some positives to show, rural crime and other kinds of theft were on the up on its patch.

With agricultural crime - or so-called 'agri-crime' - costing the UK a total of £52.7 million in 2011, forces covering rural areas have had to turn to a number of high tech solutions to help curb their problems.

Such measures include the effective implementation of CCTV to catch, or pre-empt, offenders as well as installing tracking systems on high-risk vehicles, such as tractors. A greater proliferation of physical security measures like locks and alarms has also proved effective.

Staffordshire Police has been a very active force this year, engaging with local farmers, trying to encourage them to take up such security measures. Thisisstaffordshire.co.uk reveals that this is because eight tractors have been stolen from the county in the past 18 months.

In particular, officers have been singing the praises of the CESAR scheme, under which agricultural vehicles are registered and fitted with a tracking system.

Speaking of the benefits, superintendent Dave Holdway, from Staffordshire Police, says: "Of the tractors stolen from farms across Staffordshire over the past 18 months, none had CESAR labelling. This shows it is acting as a deterrent to thieves.

"It is notoriously difficult to recover farm machinery once it is stolen, but the technology fitted in tractors through CESAR helps us track machines if they are taken."

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