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Fuel efficiency becoming more important for younger drivers

Date: 23/01/2013 14:33:17
Category: Fuel Efficiency
Author: Joe Elvin

The fuel efficiency of a car is becoming more important to younger drivers, according to a new survey.

A poll by management consultants McKinsey and Co has indicated that cars are still seen as status symbols by young adults, but it is different aspects of a vehicle that are now seen as flash.

According to detroitnews.com, the researchers concluded that technological advances such as fuel efficiency measures and hi-tech gadgets now impress this demographic more than the appearance of a car.

Approximately 47 per cent of the young drivers questioned said they were interested in fuel efficiency measures and would be happy to pay extra to ensure their vehicle had them. This suggests they may be more keen to invest in intelligent tracking systems which can help get more value out of their fuel as well as protect against theft.

Hans-Werner Kaas, a partner for McKinsey and Co, was far from surprised to learn of the change in priorities for young car buyers.

Speaking to greenerideal.com, he said: "Cars today, almost without exception, are a technology product which drives environmental awareness and fuel efficiency. It's not just luxury.

"Manufacturers are making progress even with better ways of making the internal combustion engine work better and making steady progress with hybrids and plug-ins. What car you buy can make an indirect statement that you are aware of the environment."

McKinsey and Co gathered the figures by questioning motorists aged between 18 and 39 in both Germany and the United States.

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