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Brits caught speeding elsewhere in Europe will be tracked down at home

Date: 10/02/2015 12:38:34
Category: Car tracking
Author: Jack Stanton

UK motorists who are caught speeding elsewhere in Europe will now be tracked down and have fines sent to their home addresses, before being pursued in UK courts.

Under new plans allowing European Union states to access our motoring records for the first time, driving offences committed abroad will now be punishable at home. This is a big change, as beforehand Brits who committed offences elsewhere on the Continent could only be fined by police officers at the roadside.

Drivers who were travelling in their own vehicles when they committed an offence would have previously got away unpunished, while those in hire cars could be traced through company records. Now, however, national police forces can send fines across Europe, independent.co.uk reports.

Offences will include speeding, driving through red lights, drink and drug driving, and driving whilst using a mobile device.

Ed Morrow, campaigns officer at Brake, told uknetguide.co.uk: "For a driver who puts lives at risk to escape prosecution because their vehicle is registered in another country is both insulting and incomprehensible for victims. Illegal driving crosses borders, so enforcement must cross borders too."

However, AA president Edmund King isn't so supportive of the law change. He said: "[It] might sound like a good idea [...] but in practice it could be a nightmare. Different European countries have significantly different motoring laws and indeed penalties."

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