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Our iQ.CAR platform provides convenient services that not only saves you time and money, but ensures a safer, secure and smarter drive; all of which can be accessible via our iOS or Android app.

Safer Drive

Enhanced security and safety for added peace of mind

Create a Geofence

Protect your car - for an added layer of security, set a geofence and be alerted should your vehicle be moved out of your set geofence area. This is especially useful if you leave your vehicle parked or unattended for long periods of time.

Peace of mind - if a member of your family borrows your vehicle, you can be alerted when they reach their destination or when they leave; if you set this as a geofence area.

Emergency Notification

Should the unthinkable happen and your vehicle is involved in a serious collision, iQ.CAR app can be set up to send a text notification including your vehicle location to your chosen emergency contacts.

Crash Incident Reporting

Our advanced reporting generates a sharable report on the incident including, vehicle location, direction, speed and severity of the impact.

This in-depth report is ready to share with your insurer should you wish, taking away the hassle and inconvenience of gather this information.

Smarter Drive

Efficient driving, saving time and money

Journey Reporting

A great time saving tool for those who need to keep a record of all their business journeys. You can split your business and personal journeys, as well as search and report on journeys between specific dates.

Detailed journey reports include distance travelled, duration of journey and fuel economy.

Driving Behaviour

How well are you driving?
Receive a driving score based on a number of indicators including acceleration, braking and cornering.

Fuel Usage Analysis

Information on your fuel usage trends including a fuel wastage analysis

Monitoring your driving score and reviewing your fuel wastage analysis should help to minimise waste, improve vehicle fuel efficiency and driving behaviour.

Connected Drive

Convenience at a touch of a button

Virtual Mechanic

Be alerted to vehicle faults; don’t let minor vehicle issues escalate into expensive ones.

With Vehicle Health, you will be alerted of any issues relating to the vehicle engine, electronics, transmission or other vehicle related faults. A detailed, easy to understand, faulty code description will be available for you to share with your mechanic or to obtain competitive repair quotes.

Vehicle Location

Can’t remember where you parked? Or simply want to locate your vehicle on a map?

With Vehicle Location, it’s simple, just follow the directions on the map to where your vehicle is parked.

Family Connect

Create your own family social network with iQ.CAR

You can manage and monitor all your vehicles (fitted with iQ.CAR) on one account. It’s easy, add the vehicle details to your account and you can easily switch between vehicles in the app to view vehicle location or set a geofence.

Prefer to keep an individual account?

Set up an individual account and connect to your family members by sending a ‘connection’ request.


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