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Porsche tracking devices and systems

With its sportscar racing heritage and some of the most beautiful cars available on the market, a Porsche is a must-have car for many people. Unfortunately, though for some people, they aren’t looking to buy their own – rather they steal from others. It’s a high-target vehicle, which means if you do buy a Porsche you need to do everything you can to keep it as safe as possible. Here’s more about our Porsche tracking systems:

Why install a tracking system on a Porsche?

The pinnacle of the Porsche range is arguably the Porsche 911, but retailing at almost £80,000 it’s a car which needs quite a bit of investment to buy. Yet no matter what the price, if you’ve bought a car that you love you’ll want to do whatever you can to keep it as safe as possible. That’s why installing a tracking device is so important on a Porsche which is a target for thieves. In the event of your car being stolen, your tracking device will be able to tell you immediately where your car is, allowing the Police to ensure it is recovered.

How our VHF and GPS Porsche tracking devices work

We use two signals on our Porsche TRACKER to ensure that we have the best possible chance of being able to get a signal in the event that your car has been stolen. Sadly, car thieves are savvy and have got to understand some of the more common technology which is used on cars nowadays – disabling security systems before they take the car. With our TRACKER device though it’s hidden from view and the dual signal reduces the risk of it being blocked. 

The signal doesn’t remain on all the time, rather we turn it on when you tell us that your vehicle has been stolen. We will log onto the signal from your tracking device and identify its location. We work with police forces across the country and will tell them where to find it, ensuring it’s found and given back to you as soon as possible.

Installing security devices to lower Porsche insurance costs

With premiums rising, it’s inevitable that insurance costs are high for Porsche cars, a cost which needs to be considered when buying one. It’s another benefit of having a Porsche TRACKER installed as insurance companies will offer you a discount for doing so.

High insurance costs cover the likelihood of your car being stolen and the insurance having to pay out for it. If you have a tracking device then the insurance company know they probably won’t have to pay out for theft and lower your premiums as a result. 

Call 0845 604 6004 or contact us online or visit our online shop now so you can start reducing your insurance premiums and ensure your car is monitored at all times, including any potential theft attempts.


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Porsche car tracking FAQ

Can the tracking device be seen?
No, the Porsche TRACKER will be installed out of view with the idea being that no-one should know that you have one installed.

Does the tracking device work in Europe?
When you purchase your tracking device we’ll give you the option to have Europe-wide coverage and that will mean that we will be able to track your vehicle if you are abroad.

To find out more about TRACKER or arrange to get it installed on your Porsche then get in touch with us today.

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