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Northgate Vehicle Hire

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Bringing a new level of driver and vehicle intelligence to its customers

Northgate Vehicle Hire, the leading commercial vehicle hire company in the UK, operating a modern fleet of 60,000 vehicles, is reaping the benefits of a trial of TRACKER's new fleet telematics offering TRACKER Fleet. The new fleet monitoring solution is delivering cutting edge technology to Northgate's customers, bringing them a new level of driver behaviour and vehicle intelligence.

Based in Darlington, Northgate Vehicle Hire specialises in flexible rental of Light Commercial Vehicles (LCV) to companies across the UK, from SMEs to blue chips, allowing customers to manage their fleet without long-term commitments.

"Tailoring solutions to meet the needs of individual customers"

Northgate has been a customer of TRACKER for over 10 years, using TRACKER telematics as a white label product, allowing it to provide its own customers with the added benefit of a fleet tracking system. With the new powerful telematics tool in place, Northgate has already begun to see the advantages TRACKER Fleet can bring to a company.

"Ten years ago, we chose TRACKER because we needed a top class, market-leading product, that offered us a consistent level of service and support," says Stuart Fairbrother, Head of Non-Rental Sales at Northgate. "TRACKER is the biggest and most trusted name in the fleet telematics business and remains our first choice in vehicle tracking and fleet solutions. Our partnership has enabled us to white label their offering with the greatest confidence. TRACKER provides a fantastic, comprehensive service, tailoring solutions to meet the needs of individual customers. The development of the new TRACKER Fleet system means we can bring our customers a huge range of added benefits whilst helping to meet Duty of Care obligations.

"Our customers have been crying out for enhanced vehicle and driver behaviour information and TRACKER Fleet provides just that and more, invaluable information to both Northgate and our customers.

"Furthermore, the overhauled mapping system incorporates advanced Google maps, such as Street View with a route replay function, which is a standout piece of technology and a real benefit for customers monitoring their drivers.

"But we are also reaping the rewards of TRACKER Fleet for our own service fleet of around 60 vehicles. We have been able to use mapping to understand exactly where our service vehicles are and where they are needed. Crucially, we have harnessed the telematics data to reduce vehicle delivery times to improve upon our customer service levels. This is all topped by a superior level of service delivered by the TRACKER team, who work closely with us to provide a bespoke service, supported by training for our staff to ensure we get the very best out of our fleet telematics."

Stephen Doran, Managing Director of TRACKER concludes, "The launch of TRACKER Fleet is part of our commitment to continually develop and enhance our products, ensuring they meet the changing needs of our customers. Northgate is already harnessing the power of TRACKER Fleet to ensure vehicles keep moving, while driving up efficiency and reducing costs. Our white label offering means Northgate can deliver a branded product to their customers as well as an enhanced customer service by benefitting from our expertise and focus on customer care. We will continue to work closely with Northgate to ensure TRACKER Fleet continues to deliver the next generation of fleet telematics solutions."

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